Photo by Amanda Valentine from Redrum Collaboration

Tonya: The Person

Hi! My name is Tonya and for the past few years I have been driven by my passion for helping others. Right after college I landed a job that did well for me practically. It was lucrative and busy, but it wasn’t good for myself or for others. I eventually left the job when I realized I wanted to be a bigger part of this world. I went to college (again!) and attained a Psychology degree to further my efforts. I’ve taken classes at Oxford and my goal is to continue learning and expanding my mind and my practice. 

Tonya: The Author and Witch

As the Editor for Witch Way Magazine it is safe to say my schedule is constantly hectic and overwhelming. However, in 2018 I was approached by a publisher and they wanted me to write a book! I didn’t know if it was something I could do, however I buckled down, grit my teeth, and wrote The Door to Witchcraft. I currently live in New Orleans where I hold a safe space for local witches, I currently work as the Editor in Chief of Witch Way Magazine and Witch Way Publishing, as well as host The Witch Daily Show podcast and am currently fine tuning my love for cooking magic and writing more than ever.